The Fields & Co. Approach

Computerised Solutions

As a modern and progressive firm, Fields & Co. offers a range of services to help you reduce the time spent on your paperwork. We can recommend on how to computerise your accounting function to increase the efficiency of your business and speed up the time taken to maintain your accounts. This releases more time for you to concentrate on running your business and hopefully to make more money!

At the end of the year you simply send us the computerised accounts by email plus a few items on paper thus cutting down on the amount of paperwork you have to provide.

Online Filing

As part of the Government's aim towards more online filing, we now file as much as we can online. Aside from the speed benefits, there is less printed out - we are saving the environment one account at a time!

Where tax repayments are due these are made quicker than before thus helping cash flow.

Efficient Services

We aim to provide you with an efficient tax and accountancy service with a view to legally minimising your tax bills.

We shall meet with you or correspond by email, assess your position regarding your business affairs and offer advice on how to minimise your tax bills.

We aim to provide a fast turnaround service although this will depend on when we receive your records. There are times in the year when demand is high due to looming deadlines. It is best to provide any records as soon as possible after your year end. This would give you more time to plan ahead for any tax bills that may be due.

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